Shin Ki Do Kai Karate is an Australian born traditional Karate.

The Shin Ki Do Kai Karate instructors share well over a century and a half of martial Arts history.
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Everybody can benefit from Shin Ki Do Kai Karate, while children will learn many physical skills they will also gain confidence, respect and the ability to deal with the trials and tribulations of childhood. Physical activity is a requirement for healthy living and Shin Ki Do Kai Karate promotes that by making it enjoyable and rewarding for everybody.

Basic techniques, advanced techniques, self-defence, Kata (patterns), Bunkai (application of Kata) make up the regular curriculum of Shin Ki Do Kai Karate. As students’ progress through the Shin Ki Do Kai grading structure they earn the right to expand their Martial Arts knowledge into Weaponry, where they can learn to master many various weapons. Competition is a healthy part of growth and while we do not compel students to enter competition, we give the opportunity to do so.

Our instructors have enjoyed competitive success at State, national and International level in both non-contact and full contact Kumite (fighting) as well as Kata (patterns) and have also trained many champions even some to World Champion status.

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We also offer Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Bootcamp, Personal Training, and so much more.