Self Defence

Self Defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm and the use of FORCE in times of danger.

The term “Self Defence” is an umbrella statement that covers a wide range of elements that need to be considered before, during and after a situation has occured.

A situation may easily be avoided by your awareness or even repelled with technical ability.

We make sure that you will understand the importance of every level of the “Self Defence” scale.

self defence force martial artsNot everyone wants to “Kick someone in the nuts” so awareness and options for evasion are just as important as a well placed kick.

And equally as important is the ability to apply said well placed kick, so regular training to perfect or at least better understand how to utilise and perform all of the techniques you will learn is important. A football team trains regularly to be fit enough for the rigours of a competition, so should you, regular training creates confidence and capable actions.

Force Martial Arts has decades of Self Defence experience in both teaching and application and our simple non threatening approach to teaching improved safety makes learning fun, and confidence is boosted.